1. Why do I use services of Registered Migration Agent and how do I find out if I am eligible to apply?
RMA is equipped with adequate knowledge of Australian Migration law and its procedures and will recommend a best pathway keeping in mind client’s circumstances. Most important RMA is bound by code of conduct. Please fill a Free Assessment form to find out your eligibility.

2. Why choose Kangaroo Land Migration Services?

Key factors which separate us from the rest
1. Competitive Prices
2. Clients are our top priority
3. Reach us 24/7
4. Extremely fast service
5. Guided approach

3. How long does it take to get a permanent residence visa to immigrate to Australia?

Department has given guidelines for processing times on their website for all the visa types. Please see Global visa and citizenship processing times to find out average time applicable in your visa case.

4. How much are your Professional fees?

As prices largely depends upon the type of application but rest assured our prices are very competitive and you will be informed of all the fees associated with your application before we start your application.

5. What if cannot meet you in person for consultation?

Place and time cannot be a constraint when you are dealing with us. We can book a video conference using Skype or a phone call consultation as per the time convenient to you.

6. Will you as a Registered Migration Agent fast track or influence the visa outcome?

Nobody can influence the outcome or fast-track the processing of your application or guarantee you a Visa. However, as a Registered Migration Agent we can guide you through the entire process which certainly saves your time and money.

7. What happens if my Visa is refused or Cancelled?

Department have the powers to refuse visa application or cancelled the visa. If your visa has unfortunately been refused or cancelled for any reason don’t just give up. We can assist you with lodging an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), if appropriate in your circumstances.